Kelly Ellis, victim or victimizer?

Peter Kelly Ellis, victim or victimizer?

Kelly Joe Ellis at Missiouri Democratic ConventionKelly Joe Ellis aka James PowellKelly Joe Ellis, aka James Powell at political conventionKelly Joe Ellis aka James Powell

Because of all the the smut that has been posted on myself on the internet I have taken to using a bot to check my name against Google, Bing, Yahoo, and ask.  I found a new smut site generated against me by Kelly Ellis who owns Clean Search LLC, a a Florida based reputation management firm associated with  The name of that site is  After sending the obligatory DMCA complaints, I looked into the source code of the delivered html page for a clue for whom had posted the website.  There was a clue left that led me to the website of cleansee.comJust what was that clue?  That clue was a certification number for Google adsense.  A simple search for the certificate number of “pub-9226624240565678” revealed that the certificate belonged to  After notifying Google of the possibility of one of their certificates being fraudulently used, I telephoned cleansee to notify them that there was a possibility that their certificate was being falsely used.  I obtained the number from cleansee’s webpage.  Just imagine, my surprise when I found out that cleansee is another online reputation management company, this one owned and operated by Kelly Ellis.  Never the less, I felt the correct course of action was to notify them of the fraudulent use of their certificate.

I telephoned cleansee to inform them of the theft of their certificate.  One Kelly Ellis answered the telephone.  Upon identifying myself, Mr. Ellis came right out and stated that he could make all my problems go away.  I told him “No thank you,” that I could handle my own problems.  At this point, Mr. Ellis began to threaten myself, my family, and my church (I am areligious and belong to no church, or subscribe to any religious dogma) with online and physical harm or worse if I did not take this website down.  Mr. Ellis also threatened to send the police to my door.  Unknown to Mr. Ellis, I record all telephone calls in and out as a matter of policy.  I telephoned back to attempt to get Mr. Kelly Ellis to further incriminate himself, but he became evasive.  After telephoning the local police and reporting the event, Salt Lake City Police Department number 12-708, I began to look into, who operated it, were there any complaint, does the site engage in fraud deceptive business practice.  I found enough to make a person cautious.

A domain search of showed that operated out of Florida.

Cleansee domain information(source:

Looking at the business records division of Florida we see that is operated by Kelly Ellis.

Florida business information on Cleansee

Cleansee has a history of ripping people off under many different business names: [Edit: link is broken, will restore if link comes back up.]

Who is Kelly Ellis?  Ellis Peter Kelly is an attorney who is no stranger to changing his name as this PDF shows.

We now know that there is more to Mr. Peter Ellis Kelly than meets the eye.  We dig a little further and we find out that he has been disbarred for ethics violations (PDF).

 We have shown who and what Mr. Kelly Ellis is: a disbarred scamster and fraud artist.  Mr. Kelly Ellis is also a criminal setup artist.  Understanding the serious of what we write, and understanding that Mr. Kelly Ellis was disbarred from the Florida Bar Association, that Mr. Ellis has some understanding of the chain of evidence, we feel that there is a need to show some level of proof. 

A simple scan of the website Mr. Ellis begun to further an attempt to intimidate and extort us reveals some rather interesting mail addresses  Mr. Ellis Kelly has attempted to lead a chain of evidence to the door of Norman Haga through the use of false emails that Norman Haga knew nothing about.

Fraudulent and cybersquatted Email Address

Nor is this the first time that Mr. Kelly Ellis in, one of his many pseudonyms,  has started websites to attempt to extort others, or as a form of vengence.(Source:

[Edit add, March 26, 2014]

Mr. Kelly Joe Ellis is also an email spammer who has been included on the Spamhaus ROKSO list of the 200 worst email spammers.  Kelly Joe Ellis, aka James Powell also has quit a history in Google Groups and the Web of Trust.

[End edit]

Mr. Kelly Ellis, the problem with con artists is that they are so caught up in their buffalo that they think they are smarter than everyone else.  Not everyone will play a victim, even if you are willing to victimize them. I think at this point we have also put a name to the internet pseudonym of davidkean00, davidkean02, and J AR.

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Ellis, victim or victimizer?

  1. We need to file more complaints to every authority possible and expose these criminals, who are the biggest hypocrites ever, preying on people who are losing jobs, dealing with wrecked lives, and being kicked while they are down. Extortion on those already trying to get their lives back together and be good contributing members of society. Let’s file complaints with the FBI internet crimes division for these backroom handshake deals where the same people promoting these mugshots across the net extort money to suppress the advertising of the mugshots they themselves create, and then repeat the whole process with other websites the same affiliated entities. Despicable!!!!!

    file complaint with FBI internet crimes division:

  2. People like Kelly Ellis need to realize that he has a high probably of burning in hell. God says do not do onto other as you would not want others to do onto you . He is at a stage mentally where he can’t change . Money is his motivation. He will never forgo the profits and do that right thing by stop extorting people . Someday he will mess with the wrong person and he will be tracked down and confront . He is making a lot of people angry by taking their money and scamming them . Look all I have seen is all bad . A story has two sides, and if anybody has anything good to say about Kelly Ellis then say it here . Has anybody used his service ? Is remove arrest a legit company . ?

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