Class Action Against Mugshots

Class Action Against Mugshots

A new website opposed to the publication for profit has opened.  That website is “Class Action against Mug Shot”  While some of their information is not correct, they are attempting to gather more information and provide a complete picture of what the mugshot extortion racket is.

The following article was taken from one of their links.

New Movement Emerges to Beat Down Mugshot ‘Racket

News reports from the past year show that, at least in some cases, the ‘reputation restorers’ are in cahoots with the mugshot websites

Lisa Loving Of The Skanner News

July 12, 2012

Image of webpage

It’s one thing to get arrested and have your mugshot plastered across the Internet for all to see. But what if your booking photo gets posted to the web by an anonymous blogger along with a dose of racist, sexist humiliation?

Many people in this situation turn to “reputation restorer” websites, which often charge hundreds of dollars to “help” remove mugshots from the web.

Yet news reports from the past year show that, at least in some cases, the “reputation restorers” are in cahoots with the mugshot websites, creating what WIRED magazine calls “one of the latest niche industries on the web: the mug-shot racket.”

While state and county officials around the nation have traditionally thrown up their hands and called the mugshot website scam a free speech issue, one online community is working to build a movement persuading states to change laws limiting how private companies can profit from public documents.

Less than a month old, is slowly growing a base of support aimed at changing state laws on making a profit from public documents, and boycotting mugshot website advertisers until they drop their ads.

“We are going about this the legal way,” says Diana, an anti-mugshot website organizer from outside the Pacific Northwest who declined to be fully identified for this story.

“When you look at how many mugshot websites there are, and how many mugshots are in each site, the average right now is about $399 per mugshot to get it removed,” Diana says. “When you think that most mugshot websites are carrying 50,000 mugshots on each one, that’s quite a bit of money.

“You’re looking at millions and millions and millions of dollars,” she said.


For their part, mugshot website operators argue that they are performing a valuable public service by shaming miscreants and deterring others from criminal acts through fear of the commercial mugshot industry.

While law enforcement agencies have posted mugshots online for years, the profit motive for private websites has been boosted by a handful of factors: liberal “sunshine laws” mean most states consider mugshots to be public documents easily available online for free; the down economy – which has likely increased the number of mugshots overall as well as the number of out-of-work web code writers; and search engine optimization (SEO).

The issue of SEO use is especially crucial because it allows the website operators to tag the mugshots so that they consistently pop up at the top of search results for the arrestee’s name – creating a virtual ball-and-chain that can never be hidden from prospective employers or colleges or dating partners who go online.

Never – except when the desperate arrestees shell out cash to get the pictures removed, which can cost anywhere from $40 to more than $1,000. If your mugshot pops up on more than one site, the removal charges add up even faster.

This issue blew up in Kansas last week when a freshly-minted mugshot website appeared that offered a $199 take-down service right on the home page next to the mugshots themselves – considered a rare step, although a Portland website had already done something similar.

The Kansas City entrepreneur, Matthew Creed, also planned to send out snail-mail notices to the mugshot owners – and their neighbors — in envelopes printed with the mugshot and the words, “We know!”

Creed won even more headlines a few days after the Kansas City Star reported on his business; he’d received so many death threats that he closed the site and moved his wife and two kids out of the area, news reports said.

Which is why Diana says she doesn’t want to reveal her full name – she’s afraid of harassment from mugshot website supporters.”


Note to the copyright owners.  We will remove the article if requested.  Please note that we will take an SEO hit on this article because it is verbatim and I used a follow link to the article to give proper credit.

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4 thoughts on “Class Action Against Mugshots

  1. Nobody wants their records published online. But once it is there, there’s no other option but to choose the most trusted company to do the job for you. We hired removed mugsnots .com to do the job. Their consultants were able to explain the process and what to expect.

    • Your type of scum is not wanted here. I was wondering how long it would take for the removal associates of the mugshot industry to show up. I believe this is you spamming youtube: Mugshot removal spam on Youtube

      Your service charges $400 per mugshot/persite while you pay about $20. In 90 days or less, the mugshot shows up on an affiliated site.

      You have a hidden registration via GoDaddy. You have no contact information on your site outside of a webform, your telephone number is obscured in an image so that one cannot easily perform a reverse telephone lookup on your 888 number. These are some of the signs of a mugshot affiliate that has lost their affiliate status via mugshots .com For the record, your number,888-310-970X goes to a Verizon cell phone and not a land line.

      Go away scum. This site is about repairing the problems scum like you create.

  2. I have same situation in Florida, send 2 “Cease and Desist” letters to 2 Delaware Corp. 1/Mugshots Capital Partners, LLC and 2/, LLC and both come back with No Connection statement from each company, but they both are listed by Delaware State. These people cost me several job’s and harm that goes behind cost.

  3. I understand both sides of the picture. People have a right to know certain things. However when a person makes a mistake and is trying to change your life around this makes it almost impossible to accomplish that goal and usually results in the person doing more desperate criminal things to solve their problem.. I’ll share with you what I’m going through. Several years ago I made the mistake of growing marijuana whatever your opinion is about that subject is whatever it is. I paid a law firm in Seminole County Florida a lot of money to guarantee that I was not a convicted felon it even says in the court records with hold judification no forfeiture of constitutional rights..I transfer my probation from Seminole County Florida to Duval County Florida when I did this they made me go to an office in take a mug shot and told me they were temporarily registering me as a felon while on felony probation. The entire time I was on probation I was trying to find a job I had one guaranteed but my friend said that I failed the background check this got me looking around and sure enough a website called has me listed as a active registered fallin in Duval County Florida I’ve never been arrested in Duval County Florida I’ve never been convicted or found guilty of a felony in mind tire life according to court documentation yes that website has me listed as growing pot not only in Duval County Florida but Seminole County Florida these background check websites are really arrest record checks and just because a person is arrested doesn’t mean you’re guilty I should be able to sue the state of Florida for not complying to their please bargaining agreement that I would not be a convicted felon and not forfeit any of my constitutional rights which is what it states signed by a judge an a district attorney an my law firm and myself. I recently tried to buy gun at a gun show shotgun and was denied this has me enraged..I’m being treated like a common criminal when I’m not a convicted felon yet these websites are making people believe that I am.when you do break the law you face consequences for your actionsonce you suffer the consequences it should be over not I’m going to continually suffer for this crime I committed unless it’s something like pedophile or rapist or murderer however I hope somebody does something soon to charge people to take your name off of the list makes what they’re claiming they’re doing in to exploiting people they’re a bunch of assholes and I hope they get theirs I’m currently having to get a new social security number a new name and pay businesses to race my existence of the internet just so I can get a fucking job all for growing a plant that in 21 states it this time I would receive the legal paycheck for not trying to justify what I did but growing some plants that God made in having to suffer for years when I cant get my life back on track because of websites is pure bullshit I paid my dues why am I still suffering with lies from websites that are hurting people and exploring money out of them.

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