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Sheriff Mike Scott. Lee County FLorida SheriffThe Lee County Sheriff’s Office and many other police agencies, have chosen to publish mugshots. These agencies have moved arrests and cases into the court of public opinion, and that, in my opinion, is a big mistake, writes Digital Morass. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office seems to forget that when ruining some one’s reputation before the courts reach a verdict, it helps to have a clean record of your own, and the truth is, they don’t. Since the police and the government have made the opening move by making mugshots available in search engines and optimizing their website to rank high against any name listed in their database. Digital Morass writes “It is a valid tactic to publish and quote any material to discredit the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in return.”

A reader wrote this article, but asked to remain anonymous.  In the article “THE LEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE: A Question of Credibility,” we will see what Digital Morass has to say about Sheriff Mike Scott and the Lee County Florida Sheriffs Office.  

Picture of Angela Romero from her political websiteWe support the candidacy of Spencer Barclay for the Utah House of Representatives in District 26. Angela Romero of District 26 is the Utah State Congress Woman that we approached two years ago while attempting to have legislation introduced that limited the activities of the online mugshot websites. We initially approached Angela Romero because one of her campaign positions was social justice. Angela Romero shows no interest in correcting this social injustice. Angela Romero passed the buck Brian King. Brian King’s words to Norman Haga in the conference room of his legal office were “Why should we pass legislation, these companies are using public records, and making money while doing it?” This attitude is unacceptable to those suffering from the affliction of the abuse of public records.

In Angela Romero District 26 we take a further look at Why we cannot support, and why others in Utah’s 26th district should not support Angela Romero’s bid for re-election

Against Angela Romero political signAngela Romero’s goal of affordable healthcare for all sounds like a nice goal, but is it true?  The only healthcare bill that Angela Romero introduced in the Utah House of representatives catered to the special interest of unmarried domestic partners.

Angela Romero could have joined Governor Herberts efforts to extend health care to poor Utahns, but she chose not to.  Angela Romero could have introduced a health care bill that covered all people of utah, instead Angela Romero chose to cater to special interests rather than all the people in her district.

In the article Angela Romero Heath Care  we more closely examine Mrs. Romero’s actions on affordable healthcare for all the people in Utah.

No PrivacyGoogle provides many popular products and services that are free and paid services. Google makes possible free services, such as Blogger. Blogger allows people exposure to the internet that they might not otherwise have and allows people opportunities that they might not otherwise have for the exposure of their ideas, products that they may wish to sell, services that they may wish to sell, and opportunities to earn income on Blogger and through the Google Ad program known as Ad Sense. In the article Google Privacy Issues Norman Haga briefly looks at some Google and search engine privacy issues.


Knowedge and data.Mugshots online are a form of data mining and data aggregation.  It is our belief that the mining of mugshots by public websites is harmful to society.   The accumulation and mining of information, and not just mugshots, is harmful to society when the information is collected without the permission of the person affected.  It is even more troublesome when the information is statistcally analyzed to form a profile of a person that is used for marketing and other purposes.  Data Aggregation Legislation and mugshots more fully explores this issue.

No Mugshot Robbery cartoonWith the news that Google is now demoting mugshot websites and payment services such as Paypal, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are terminating the accounts of mugshot websites.  As well as the news that Visa is asking their merchant banks to investigate the activities of the scandalous mugshot website and their respective mugshot removal services, the purpose of may  be nearing an end.
Norman Haga has a few words to say, his hopes, and directions in this article “Google Mugshots Demotion.”

Jimmny Cricket calls liars.We have been asked to look into some of the claims that are made by is the only mugshot removal service allowed on When a person reads the popout on the side, they are confronted with a wealth of information. Comparing this information with the information that publishes suggests that is operated by The tone is the same, the information is the same and the justifications are the same between both sites.

Our article “Mugshot Removal: Dealing With The Devil”  examines the information that and its official removal agent would have the public believe.

Marc Gary Epstein @

Norman Haga was made aware of an extortion demand that was made on the website itself.  The URL that was given was examined and found to contain an extortion demand.  The demand specifically mentions Mugshot removal.  In turn, this prompted a look into some of the mugshot removal affiliates.  Many of those affiliates are attorneys.  We find this breech of confidence to be alarming and a violation of the Florida Bar Code of Ethics.  Marc Gary Epstein is the operative decision maker for and he operated a removal agency himself.  The article Mugshot Affiliates examines some of these attorneys, including marc Epstein.


 Threatening and bullyingIn this letter submitted by G Harris, mugshot attorney, Marc G. Epstein,  threatened a person in an attempt to silence them. In his attempt, Marc G. Epstein exposed one owner of  The letter was sent to us and we were asked to alter the name of who it was sent to prior to publishing.

This letter shows that Norman Haga is not the only person that and its affiliates threaten. is an online booking photograph repository. sells the opportunity to remove a photograph from their database.  By removing your picture from the Mugshots database there is less opportunity to be denied employment, housing, or exposed to public embarrassment.  Is the business model of mugshots legal?  Does mugshots comply with the law in their activities?  Can mugshots be held liable in a court?  Is mugshots a news media? Is mugshots an online extortion scheme?  Who are the people and companies behind These are the questions that Norman Haga asked when he begun this blog. 

These are some of the issues Norman Haga and others will will explore in this series of articles. banner

Who and what is

picture of mafia at Haga had been withholding this article from publication for some time.  In this article we examine the corporate and political powers that are behind  There are indications that organized crime, a well known corporation, a political action committee in Florida, and a wannbe politician who is the son of a deceased Florida mafia figure. This article is an anatomy of one aspect of the online mugshots extortion racket.

Mr. “davidkean00,” also known as “davidkean02” and the mugshot extortion scheme is a blog from the board that was hacked.  Mr. ‘davidkeanoo’ and ‘davidkean02’ expended a considerable amount of energy smearing Norman Haga.  The article DavidKean and the mugshot extortion racket looks at Mr. ‘davidkean’s activities.

Image of business address and telephone number of

Due to the continual attempts to publish questionable information about Norman Haga and the operators of this website, searches are performed on the names of the primary operators on a daily basis.  One of these searches turned up a website started on April 24, 2012.  The website is  Norman Haga knows nothing about this website other than it an increased attempt to extort him.  The information that was revealed in an investigation of that website reveals many things including the possible identity of davidkean00, davidkean02, and J AR.  The investigation also revealed that the site was put up by a associate.  You may read about the examination of Kelly Ellis, victim or victimizer? warning from McAfee

Norman Haga has examined Mr. Kelly Joe Ellis in the previous article and made a clear connection between him and  In this article Norman Haga and others he works with examine one of Mr. Ellis’ botnets that he uses to drive extortion fee’s towards himself and  Mr. Ellis is one the owners of, which is one reason that he reacts so strongly towards any effort to expose him and his online extortion and blackmail racket; he see his business model threatend.  This article article illustrates just how Joe Ellis does that.

Mr. Ellis changed most of the links listed in the previous article after the article was published.  Mr. Ellis hid his botnet behind the URL, which is a cloud server. However, in his haste, Mr. Ellis made many mistakes.  Maybe later Norman Haga will examine those mistakes.  Unlike Mr. Ellis, Norman Haga and the others he works with reverify their work.  As a warning Mr. Ellis, stop attempting to make purchases for Norman Haga through with stolen credit card numbers.

Joe Ellis Message to Norman HagaNorman Haga had hoped that he was through with the articles surrounding Kelly “Joe” Ellis and his antics.  Such hopes were forlorn.  On the early morning of 6-08-2012 I had an email exchange with Joe Ellis.  In this article we examine Joe Ellis and the online mug shot industries continued attempts to blackmail Norman Haga.

Norman Haga and those he works with will present an article that is alleged to be published by Denson Hudgens that looks at much of the libel and the laws that are broken by, its operators, its associates and other online mugshot and mugshot removal services.  Mugshots, or its affilliates, made another attack on this website, therefore we are reconstructing Mr. Hudgens webpage from Google’s cashe.  There is much more we are holding back regarding political connections.  After spending much time rending the links useless for Google, and after having seen the structure of the page, we will have to say that the page was a link farm.  Because it was a link farm Norman Haga questions whether Denson Hudgens authored the page.  We will email an unaltered  copy to any person that leaves a legitimate email and requests the page.

SEO Reputation Management warning

Perhaps Norman Haga  should also look at what is said by another scam agency, RipOffReport, regarding the scam of online mugshot removal services.

LAPD Police logo

Not all police agencies agree with the posting of online mugshots.  Some have done this in the past and are now removing the police websites that first publish the mugshots because of the interference these mugshots create in police investigations and because of the hardship these mugshots create when they are obtained by the online mugshot extortion industry.

logo of Class Action Against Mugshots at

A new website opposed to the publication for profit has opened.  That website is “Class Action against Mug Shot”  Class Action Against Mugshot Websites is attempting to gather more information and provide a more complete picture of what the mugshot extortion racket is. Less than a month old, is slowly growing a base of support aimed at changing state laws on making a profit from public documents, and boycotting mugshot website advertisers until they drop their ads.  We look at this site through the eyes of a reporter.

safeshepard logo at the past few months, users have reached out to Norman Haga and others asking to be removed from a site called  Mugshots (and similar sites) scrape police databases for mug shots and then display the pictures and other arrest information on their website.  Many police records are legally required to be made public (registered sex offenders), but having every arrest record published to the Internet becomes an invasion of privacy.  Due to regulations most Americans don’t have to worry about an arrest record tarnishing their reputation, but unfortunately for citizens of Florida, the state’s Sunshine Laws make all arrest records public, meaning that if you were ever arrested in Florida your mug shot will be on the Internet – forever.


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  3. mugshots . com is operated by disgraced godaddy executive adam dicker: removemugshots . com

  4. I run a website that lists mugshots from most of the major cities in the nation… This is a great article and I will definitely feature it!

    • I’m sorry. Your ilk is not wanted here. However, our policy is not to refuse comments just because they disagree with our position. In your case, your comment is properly refused because you disobeyed the posting rules. You used an automated poster and submitted a URL to your site. When will you assholes learn.

      Never-the less, we allowed your post after removing your site link even though you operate a mushot type site that improperly takes advantage of others and extorts them into paying you to take down mugshots.

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